Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Reading should be fun!

You've all seen subscription boxes.. they come in all shapes and sizes and you can pretty much find one for anything you are looking for .. from baby toys to pet toys ;)

Recently I was brought together with a brand new company, BookRoo! They offer a subscription box that delivers amazing books. And I love books!!

We have books all over the house. Bubba's bookcase is full, there's a pile in the master bedroom, another in the living room and Riley has her own in her room! Oh don't forget the ones kept in the car!
But can you ever have too many books? Nahhh!

Since I've been in touch with BookRoo, I've received 2 boxes (I'm just really behind on sharing month 1). So I will share both boxes with you here... plus a special code for all of you to try out Bookroo at a discount (but you have to read to the bottom)!! You won't be disappointed ;)


Bubba loves to get boxes!! We've done Citrus Lane many times, and Bluum! He loved getting the books, especially since they were individually wrapped. We had a lot of fun unwrapping them together!!

I just have to say the paper they use to wrap is such awesome quality, hard to explain but it doesn't tear easily... in a good way! :)


As you can see, August is a whole nother story!! Half the time Bubba was more interested in those awesome cookies you see... made by my mother in law, for my birthday!!! (yes they were amazing!)

Again, I really loved the wrapping, and the variety of patterns!
Bubba is really intent and determined to get that paper off!!

We have definitely enjoyed reading "Little Cub", "A Book of Sleep"  "Little White Rabbit" from our first box, as well as "Let's Count", "Hernando Fandango" & "The Crayon Box that Talked" from our 2nd box!!

I would absolutely recommend BookRoo, to my family, friends and readers!!! Make sure you use this link to get $4 OFF your 1st box!!!

Bookroo gets an awesome High Five from Bubba!

THANK YOU BOOKROO!!! We totally look forward to our future boxes!!!

** This review is based on my sole opinion, and I was not paid to share. I did receive a discount on my first box, and the opportunity to share a discount with my readers. **

Friday, August 21, 2015

Me - in a nutshell

Truth be told, I live in a fantasy world. Where I have time to Do-It-All!! World's Best Mom & Wife, #1 Employee (even if I am only 1 out of 2!), Blogger extraordinaire, and the best at whatever business I choose that month ;) Which is Perfectly Posh. Stay tuned for a post on that!!!

I put way too much on my plate, I acknowledge it, then pile it on some more! No, not all of it gets done - heck most of it doesn't get done.. yet I don't change. One day I'll finish that To-Do list that grows my the day (who am I kidding, by the minute!)

Even while I write this, I need to pause and go soothe a whining Toddler who should have fallen asleep by now. And, I'll tell you, normally I would have been distracted and gone onto something else, and this would be sitting in the drafts for months, like everything else I write!! But I want to get it out. For a while a lot of my posts may sound like gibberish but that's the only way I will get them out, until I get in the groove LOL

I was just distracted for a good half hour because I saw a sale -- $19.99 for Vera Bradley Hipster Crossbody! OMG! Surprisingly, I didn't get one - the pattern I wanted was sold out and I realized I don't really need one!

Anyhow - I think I'm done for now. I have Other posts to get back to!

See you an sooner rather than later!