Friday, February 8, 2013

Guest Post at Grace & Bliss

Hey everyone! Please join me as I Guest Post over at my friend Billie's blog - Grace & Bliss!

A couple weeks ago, I saw a blog post from my friend Julia on her new mop. It looked so awesome, I had to buy it!!

It's called Rubbermaid Reveal and it picks up spills and messes with no work! This mop comes with a washable microfiber pad - that can be washed and re-used up to 100 times!!!

I knew this would be the solution to our cats constantly spilling out their water bowl, and it was just amazing! It even soaked up the water from the grout!!

I purchased mine on Amazon and it came with 2 extra microfiber pads and an extra water bottle!
You can even use your own cleaning solution with water, in the refillable bottle! I only use Shaklee Basic H2 concentrated cleaner & Basic G (Germicide) (I filled bottle to the water line and added 2 tsp of each cleaner.)

How do you clean your floors? Anyone thinking of converting now?? :) 
Id' love to hear all about it!



  1. That looks like a really handy floor cleaner! Combining that with Shaklee products is a great way to clean. Personally, I love my Shaklee cleaning products, given to me by my loving and beautiful Shaklee distributor!! Seriously, the product is great! Being old school, I wash my floors on my hands and knees. No more!! I'm going to order that Rubbermaid Reveal!! Great job, Jessca, as usual!! <3

  2. I am glad you are loving the product!! That mop IS awesome! :)