Monday, February 18, 2013

Not Everything Always Goes As Planned

Hey Everyone!

Wow, I am so behind! I have all these awesome ideas that I want to do, and blog about them, but I never get to them and therefore, I don't get to blog.

I want to give you a little insight, into my world. I am the step mother of a wonderful 6 (& 1/2) year old Princess. This means she is not with us every day. We have her every Thursday, which just flies by after homework and dinner at my in-laws, and every OTHER weekend, some times every OTHER OTHER weekend :) as in the case of this past weekend because of the holiday.

I promised you all pictures of Riley's Valentine's day, but never even got to take any. She loved her Unicorn, by the way, she has named her Sparkles!! She sits on the throne of Riley's bed, with her other "stuffed" friends - MooMoo, Pretty, Hearts, Fancy, Pillow Pet, Love Bug & Riley Jr., and everyone else.

I have numerous craft ideas planned, but when you only a get max of 4 days PER MONTH to actually do them, they become few and far between! I also don't want to do them without her!

So, please bear with me, as I post some not so fun things in lieu of all the projects Pinterest so lovingly puts forth to me :) We will get to them some day. 
Besides I have BIG, no HUGE, plans for this blog once we buy a house -- which we are making plans for now and we hope to be on the path to home ownership in just a few months!

Thank you all for sticking with me ... and every one who will still join me in the future!!



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    1. Thank you so much for joining us!! I will be sure to follow you as well :)