Monday, February 11, 2013

Fun, Random Facts about Me!

Have you ever read someone’s blog but still feel like you really don’t know them, even after reading the "about me" section? Have you ever wondered when their birthday was, how old they are, or what shows they like to watch? Well I wanted to do something a little silly and post 26 random facts about myself. When I say random, they are very random… but that’s the fun part! 

26 Random Facts About Jessica! 
1. I am the baby of my family :)
2. I am obsessed with books. Romance novels :) I read at least 50 in 2012 (and just downloaded at least 25 today from Amazon, from the free section!)
3. I speak New York-ie (according to my 6 year old (step) daughter).
4. I have a fear of the dark....
5. I love to take pictures
6. My birthday is August 12th (1985)
7. I am not a morning person
8. I have 2 cats, Jax & Ninja. They make appearances throughout my posts :) (or walk on my keyboard as I type this..)
9. I met my husband on Facebook through a photo rating app :)
10. I have 6 tattoos
11. I believe in God
12. I danced since I was 7 (tap, ballet, hip hop and some ballroom, etc.) and still miss it!
13. I WILL visit England & Holland one day
14. I am a Shaklee Distributor
15. I was born and raised on Long Island and moved to FL 4 years ago.
16. My favorite color changes all the time ... right now (I think) it's Purple :)
17. I would love to lose about 25lbs
18. I want to be a stay/work at home mom and maybe even homeschool
19. I want a baby more than anything.
20. I have OCD... about the weirdest things.
21. I lost a pregnancy 3 years ago (ectopic).
22. My husband thinks I'm a good kisser :) (this was his addition, when I needed help)
23. I have a really good memory for numbers and dates, but can't remember if I locked the door when I leave in the morning.
24. I can't see without my glasses but never had them until my first year in college.
25. I would love to have a degree in Music and be a music teacher or just in the music field.
26. I taught Sunday School to 2 years olds last year (and miss them).

These are just a few silly things about me, I hope you all have enjoyed learning about me! I would love to know more about you, so please feel free to leave a link to your 25 facts (or more) about yourself in the comment section!
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  1. That, my darling daughter, was a great blog today. It was so much fun to read, even though I know these things. You amaze me every day,in EVERY way. So proud to be the lucky one to be your Mom!! <3 <3

    One random fact about me? That I am blessed and grateful to have a great family including 3 wonderful children and 7 grandchildren!!

  2. That was GREAT!! I love reading your posts! I think its funny and cute how you have OCD about certain things! Thank TY for the input :)LOL. Oh and i knew most all of those facts except that your favorite color had changed again, last i checked it was green lol.

    One random fact about me...i Miss dancing too

    1. LOL it's always changing! I should just say my fav color is the rainbow!

  3. This was so fun to read! I have known you for several months now but most of these things were new to me! Thanks for sharing Jess!