Friday, August 21, 2015

Me - in a nutshell

Truth be told, I live in a fantasy world. Where I have time to Do-It-All!! World's Best Mom & Wife, #1 Employee (even if I am only 1 out of 2!), Blogger extraordinaire, and the best at whatever business I choose that month ;) Which is Perfectly Posh. Stay tuned for a post on that!!!

I put way too much on my plate, I acknowledge it, then pile it on some more! No, not all of it gets done - heck most of it doesn't get done.. yet I don't change. One day I'll finish that To-Do list that grows my the day (who am I kidding, by the minute!)

Even while I write this, I need to pause and go soothe a whining Toddler who should have fallen asleep by now. And, I'll tell you, normally I would have been distracted and gone onto something else, and this would be sitting in the drafts for months, like everything else I write!! But I want to get it out. For a while a lot of my posts may sound like gibberish but that's the only way I will get them out, until I get in the groove LOL

I was just distracted for a good half hour because I saw a sale -- $19.99 for Vera Bradley Hipster Crossbody! OMG! Surprisingly, I didn't get one - the pattern I wanted was sold out and I realized I don't really need one!

Anyhow - I think I'm done for now. I have Other posts to get back to!

See you an sooner rather than later!

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