Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bedroom Organizing

This week just continues to get away from me! We are heading into the middle of the first month of 2013, already! I know, I'm sorta rushing it, it's not even the 10th yet!! But it will be the 15th before you know it!!

Well, last weekend I decided I was done dealing with the mess of books and movies lying in piles in Riley's room. Luckily, for all of you, I forgot to take before photos! 

Here was our solution!
We went to Walmart and found a 3 shelf bookcase for $15.84, in white!

As you can see the cats even enjoyed it!

Here are the parts straight out of the box and also put together. Jax wasn't sure what to do with it!

Then I took it upstairs to her room and loaded all the books and movies. The movies are in alphabetical order (OCD, lol) but the books are more in groups by size.

Of course there is always more to do, but I am very pleased with this outcome and can't wait for Riley to see it!

What was your last home project?



  1. That looks really terrific! Great job Jess!

  2. Great job! I'm exploring different ideas now for all of the boy's toys. I gave up picking everything up during my pregnancy, but I can't take it anymore.

    They make a game out of dumping out the bins... so I'm thinking that no matter what we go with, toys will still be everywhere!

    1. I am/was trying the whole leave the mess method, hoping she'd get tired of it! Trial & error :)
      Thanks for stopping by! <3