Thursday, September 12, 2013

16 Weeks .. and counting!

Have you ever felt like you know exactly where you want to go, but have no clue how to get there? Who am I kidding, I bet all of you have :) I have been thinking a lot lately about the direction I want to go with my blog and since finding my new giveaway obsession, the destination is becoming more clear to see, the way to get there however, is not.

That being said the 3 major blogs I am following daily, 21 Random, Thrifty Nifty Mommy & Viva Veltoro show me a lot about this new world, and I was very encouraged to read (somewhere) that Viva Veltoro was still considering herself "New to blogging" less than 1 year ago! I can do this! It is so much work though :)

First place to start is to join these ladies in hosting some giveaways - so I honestly hope you will be seeing this very shortly here!

As for the BABY ~ 16 weeks!!! I was really wishing I would have updates to post every week but it doesn't seem to be going that way. However, I have to be happy because it means nothing is wrong either!

As I sat at my in-laws on Sunday and they watched the football game, which I don't care about - at all, I tried to finish up our baby registry and there is just so much to choose from, I am so lost!

On to today's Featured links!!
I am pretty excited, because they are all FUN!!

Easy Stretch Bracelets: Riley would LOVE to do this!

Funfetti Cupcakes: When aren't cupcakes fun? Especially Funfetti!!

Monogram Wreath: No sewing required, I'm sold!

I really hope you will join us this week and share your favorite posts! Leave me a comment and I will Feature your link next week!!



  1. Thank you for featuring my Stretch Bracelets and my Monogram Wreath! Thanks for the fun party!

    1. Your welcome!! I hope you will continue to join us every Thursday!

  2. AW! Your bump!! So cute! I can't wait to see pics of the little bean!

    And girl! Why didn't you just hit me up about the giveaways! :) Send me a PM on facebook and when I get a chance I'll send you the info. :)