Thursday, November 14, 2013

Final Throwback Thursday - Part 3!

So here it is! The final part of my Throwback Thursday series! This was exciting to go back through all the links everyone shared, and either see things again, or maybe even notice them for the first time! 
I hope you all enjoyed it! Next week, I will go through the last 2-3 weeks to catch up since we came back live!!

Please note we have an update in our hosts for this weekly link up!! Visit us all at the links below!

Lindsey @ Emmy Lane
Jessica @ Healthy Higgins

We are all so glad to have you all join us every week and we look forward to your posts!!

For those that despair of the cold weather, here is a reminder that Summer will return! Summer Ready Hair & Skin

Yummiest Snickerdoodles: They sure do look yummy! 
This is a must for our Holiday baking list!

Mother's Day Birthstone Necklace: I loved this one when it was first posted! 
I still want to make one!

Grey & White Chevron Dresser Redo: This is one that I MISSED the first time around - and it would be perfect for the nursery! Now all we need is a dresser to redo... 
and a Nursery!

Butterfly Footprints: What a cute idea! From one of our very own hosts as well!

DIY Crown Moulding Shelf: I love this idea!! Another for the Nursery :)

Canvas Rainbow Button Art:
I LOVE all things Rainbow!! (You'll see when I get photos of my Baby Shower posted!)

Greek Yogurt, Berries & Granola Parfait: Sounds yummy.. and healthy!!

SHMILY: Aww I don't remember seeing this one before either!

And for more Rainbow - I need to do one of these! Melted Crayon Art.

Pizzetti: MmMmm Sounds good!! I love Pasta.. or is that Pizza :)

Applesauce GF Pancakes: Even though I don't like pancakes, these sound good!

Baby's Name - Easy DIY Project: This will be awesome - when we have a name!!
(I sense a pattern of NOT having things!!)

And since Winter is JUST starting, here are some Indoor Winter Games for Kids! & Mess Free Indoor Snow Sensory Play!!

Whew! That was a lot!!!
There seemed to be A LOT more links to go through (per week) the further I went back :)

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