Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Whole Year

It's true.. 1 year ago today I posted one of my last 2 blog posts - How Sad!?

Honestly, this year has just flown by, my little baby (who didn't seem so little at the time) is going to be 1 in just less than 3 weeks!
(which brings me to my last blog post - Guess the Baby's weight - in about 2 weeks I will be writing a follow-up called - Guess the Toddler's weight!! - watch for it!!)

I can't promise anything but I would love to get back to blogging and sharing with all of you! I can never seem to find the time for blogging -- among many other things!

So much has changed over the last year - I've started writing a couple posts and they just sit as drafts, after I get this and my next 2 follow up posts up I will look them over again and get my thoughts together to share!

Time to attempt a nap before our fun-filled day! I'll be back soon for a follow-up to I won!! (Part 1 of 3) - please stay tuned! ;)

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