Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Like Totally! Linked In Tuesday!

Hi everyone! So just like F-It Fridays on Parlo & Logi, we have another new link-up party for everyone on Tuesdays. This is a little different, it centers around social networking and social media sites. So link up your favorites and make some new friends!     Totally-tuesdays   The Rules: -Follow your host. -Check out your co-host’s sites, cause they are pretty awesome. Follow if you like. -Link up your profiles in the proper categories. (Otherwise they will be removed) -Socialize! In this first installment of Like Totally! Linked In Tuesday we will be focusing on Facebook. Be sure to like from both your private account and pages, the “like” doesn’t count if you don’t do it from your personal… obnoxious, I know. Leave a quick comment, or private message letting them know you stopped by and I’m sure you’ll get a re-like in return. Host – Parlo & Logi Co-Host- Eyes on the Source Co-Host- Healthy Higgins Co-Host- Sue Glashower FACEBOOK- BLOG- Google+ETSYPINTERESTTWITTERBLOGLOVIN

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