Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Round Two: Like Totally! Linked In Tuesdays

Hi everyone! Woo hoo! It's that time again! Round two of Like Totally! Linked In Tuesdays. So I had a few of you were a little confused last week of what exactly this link-up is all about, so let's see if I can explain this without confusing everyone more. haha For each category you will link-up your specific account. So for Twitter (the feature this week!) you go directly to your profile/account page and copy and paste that link into the Linky Tools bar. And voila! You're good to go! We're going to do this a little differently this week and eliminate picture links for all but blogs and Etsy stores. I hope that helps!
Parlo and Logi
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Parlo and Logi"><img src="" alt="Parlo and Logi" style="border:none;" /></a></div>
The Rules: -Follow your host. -Check out your co-host’s sites, cause they are pretty awesome. Follow if you like. -Link up your profiles in the proper categories. (Otherwise they will be removed) -Please leave a message saying that you are a new follow so we know where you came from and we an follow back! -Socialize!   This weeks feature is Twitter, so follow your hosts and co-hosts via Twitter and then go off and find new friends on the other venues.  

Host – Parlo & Logi

Co-Host- Eyes on the Source

Co-Host- Two Oakes Soapworks

Co-Host- Healthy Higgins

  Interested in Co-hosting? Send me an e-mail at, I'd love to have you!   Let's Party!!  

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