Thursday, September 13, 2012

Looking for a Positive Change?

Ah, the desire to stay at home, but the need to contribute to the family. 
It’s often a crazy relationship between the two.

Bottom line, whichever decision you make, will probably still leave you longing for more.
Thankfully, I’ve called in back up. My good friend Jaima Schutt.

Jaima believes that you can have both: Have your pie and eat it to, per say!

She is proof that you can create the kind of life you desire. You can now support your family monetarily AND nurture the kids and take care of the home. You can now have exactly the kind of life you want.

The choice is yours.

Jaima teaches moms how to create that life! Whether you are a happy working mom who is just looking for some fun money, or are a stay at home mom wishing to seriously contribute to your family's monetary needs, she will show you how to take your life back!

And if this sounds like something you can use, she’s offering a free live training call: 

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Find out:
  • How Jaima paid off $35,000 in debt this year
  • How Jaima grew her blog from 100 followers to 10,000 in 6 months
  • How growing her business has helped her drop 20 pounds (and counting)
  • How she has doubled her family’s income so far
  • How she went from devastating tragedy and losing everything to being recognized on stage in Las Vegas as a star achiever
  • How she helps hundreds of families turn their lives around and create healthy, balanced homes
  • And how YOU, too, can create a healthy, profitable home so that you can start to love your life again!

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Home Business 101 (it’s FREE!)

What I love about Jaima is that she’s the real deal. She is so personable and genuine!  She’s an amazing woman who shares all kinds of inspiring and helpful content. But she is really serious about transforming lives: starting with your value. So, I highly recommend that you check her out. Especially if you want to start living your life, or perhaps dreaming, again!


P.S. Jaima uses simple tools that anyone can use! She is super friendly and will help you make the changes you need so that you can really nurture your children, and still make a significant income.

Sign up now for her free call (there’s no cost, no obligations, just a few minutes of your time).

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