Friday, October 12, 2012

Day #12 : Our New (Old) Couch

Do you remember back on Day 3, when I showed you how we got our couch to stop sliding around? No? Go read it here. Please :)

Well, now that we have all read that post, I told you I would come back some day and share with you the before and after of our living room. I love to move our furniture around. While growing up, on Long Island, I would move my bedroom around nonstop! Unfortunately our bedroom now has only 1 good wall for the bed, the others are the sliding glass door, closet and bathroom ... but that is a post for yet another day! 

Here is the before and after of our living room. As you can tell the before is from last Christmas! I love how the TV is now in the direct opposite corner (just off the right of the "after" photo).

What do you think? Do you redecorate often? Which room(s) do you do the most?



  1. Great blog! So true... when I would walk into your room, I would never know what I would find where!! LOL! I love the new layout! ! Xoxo

    1. I can't wait to have our own hose and get to move things around again!
      Thank you! XOXO