Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day # 27: A New (old) Computer

Today, I am so excited to tell you that I got a new (old) computer!! Yesterday I bought a used MacBook from a friend, because she got a new one! I am so happy to report that I am actually writing this post from my house!! Not the library or my cell phone app!

I know, I'm a dork, I have been told many times, but this genuinely makes me excited! It was really starting to take a toll on me and my work, not having a computer at home. Story is a few months ago out cat spilled an entire glass of water on my laptop and fried the hard drive - we learned that day not to leave cups out with anything in them!

Here is a photo of my "office" and view for this morning! It's a (very) breezy 73 degrees right now :)

As I mentioned in Day 25, changes are coming and I am so excited for the ideas and dreams I have! I am starting a new 30 day challenge soon - can't wait to tell you all about it!

Enjoy your weekend, and for everyone in Sandy's path, stay safe!


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