Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Our Home (Day 1)

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Ever have a REALLY great idea?!

I have just been having such great ideas left and right lately. My biggest challenge has been remembering to write them down and carry them through. I will be doing a 31 Day series of posts about Our Home. How we clean, organize, the crafts we do, and so much more!

You will be seeing all my new projects come through. I will be guest posting for my friend, Sarah, on Saturday, October 6th about a fun positive reinforcement tactic we are implementing with Riley. I will also be having a guest blogger right here on Monday, October 15th! So watch out for that!

We just had a busy weekend. I cleaned a friend's house, as I do most Saturday's because she has rheumatoid arthritis and it is really good to be able to contribute and help her out! I use my own Shaklee products to clean, watch for a post on that in the near future as well! We also went to the beach for a birthday bash and collected rocks and shells!

Share some of your great ideas, completed or still in 'to do' status, in the comments below! I'd love to hear them!
Don't forget to stay tuned for all 31 Days!!


All posts with be listed below for easy access :)
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Day 23: Skipped Day & A Birthday 
Day 24: Eggs in the Oven
Day 25: Dreams
Day 27: A New (old) Computer
Day 31: Halloween

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