Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day # 2 of Our Home: Cleaning toys

Today, in Our Home, I am talking about how I clean Riley's Doodle Bear, named Pretty  :)

Tyler and I bought this one for her 6th birthday a few weeks ago, and I've already cleaned it a couple times! She really loves to draw on her bear.
Have you ever read the label on these dolls? When I first read that you need to wash them within 48 hours, I was a little worried. It had now been at least a week that the doll was laying in Riley's room.

So what I decided to do was pre-treat the colored spots with Shaklee's liquid laundry soap, and let it sit for a few hours (about 4). Then I washed it on a small cycle in cold/cold with 1/4oz of the same liquid soap I used to pre-treat and about 2 pinches of Shaklee's Nature Bright (Laundry booster & stain remover, powder).

You can see the color spreads, as it sits with the pre-treat. The first time her whole forehead was blue!

Last night I just air dried Pretty, but the the first time I stuck her in the dryer on low, inside a pillow case (as per the label), but she wouldn't stay in!

Riley is so happy when she has a clean doll to put make-up on again!


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  1. Great idea, looks good as new. I appreciate you sharing this on "I Gotta Try That Monday"

  2. Shaklee definitely does an amazing job! Thank you for linking up and sharing! Hope to see you back at Thrifty Thursday next week!