Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day # 25: Dreams

I have such wonderful dreams for this blog, well I think they're wonderful!

I can't wait till we finally buy a house, so I can share it with everyone. And then all the DIY projects and ohh what fun it will be!!
I can't wait to be pregnant ... Well I simply can't wait for that, but there are so many blog ideas I see floating around!
I want to share everything I pin on Pinterest!! From food to (again) our future home - this one will take a loong time! :)

These are the biggest things that come to mind when I dream about my blog, like I've got nothing better to dream about! There are also many more posts I'll think up as well! Let's just hope they don't come to me as I'm falling asleep! I never remember those thoughts!! :)
I absolutely love this!

What are your dreams? Better yet, what would you like to read about here?!


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