Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day # 3 of Our Home: DIY project

As I tried to figure out what to talk about today, I remembered the brand new (to us) sofa we were given a few weeks ago, by a new neighbor, who is so awesome!! We love this sectional sofa, we replaced 2 pretty old white leather couches! Maybe I can find some old photos and show you the difference one day!

The only downer to this new sofa is that, as a sectional in 3 pieces, it was always sliding apart on our wood floors. So last night seemed like a perfect time for a DIY project!

So while we were in Publix, I saw this and thought it would be great to use under the legs of the sofa. I cut them into little squares (more like rectangles :) ) and placed them underneath the legs. 

I wish I could have taken photos of this process, however I don't think Tyler would have found it very amusing since he was the one holding the couch up!
The test is on! Let's hope this keeps the couch from sliding around! What do you think?

What was your last DIY project?