Friday, October 19, 2012

Day # 19: Family Fun Fest

Back on our Random Sunday, I told you a little bit about the Family Fun Festival. Well I have finally got my photos together so I can give you more of the fun!

After Church, and breakfast, we all went home to change and headed out to the FFF (Tyler, Riley, Grandma Rose and myself), which was held at Mounts Botanical Garden. It is so lovely there!

The first thing we did was wait on line (about 20 minutes) for the pony rides!! This was Riley's first time ever, and she loved it! We went back as our last stop but just before her turn it started raining so they closed up .. bummer.

Look how much she was loving this! It also puts into perspective just how big she is getting!

Riley also had a blast in 2 bounce houses and this awesome slide!

We had planned on painting pumpkins, but just 2 hours into this 5 hour event, they were completely gone! So Riley got her face painted, as a butterfly, but someone didn't get any pictures of that! (silly me.)

I have some really great things planned for this weekend so be on the look out for awesome ideas coming from Our Home!


  1. Riley looked so happy! Very comfortable on that pony too! Great blog Jessca! !

  2. Thank you! She really loved it lol
    Love you!