Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day # 7: In Home Presentation

Some of you may know, I started my own (home based) business just over a month ago. I am in love with Shaklee, the products & the company! They are the #1 Natural Nutrition company in the US, and the ONLY company to maintain its Climate Neutral status. That means for everything that goes into the environment that is harmful, they offset it with something good - such as planting 5 trees for each Get Clean kit they ship!! How many companies do you know, that does that?
Plus in this business, I have AMAZING team mates, and new found friends!

In order to share my enthusiasm about Shaklee, I have In-Home presentations (parties). Today I'd just like to show you some photos of the last one I had!

This is all the product I received when I signed up! 
 And this is how I set my table up for my Grand Opening Party!

Take a few minutes and check out the products on my website.


I'd really love to talk to every one of you and answer any questions you may have about Shaklee, the company and products! 


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